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October 2018
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Valencia Chufísima


Our Erasmus trio (me, Natalinka and Sisi) decided to push our Erasmus to the top time in our lives, so we started our trip in coastal city- Valencia. Let’s get started 🙂

The very important thing- We decided to spend all the time on Couchsurfing. It was my first time looking for a local who could host me for free, and showing me his city. And once you are out of applications, it kind of complication and you are dependent on beautiful girls who can find a host for you (much easily 😛 ). That’s how I got to Jesús. I can hardly describe how much I appreciate to stay with him for the first time doing couchsurfing. Jesús guided me and my friends around his home city, chufísima Valencia, and showed me the hidden treasures of Valencia.

Surprisingly, I had also the second host- my Italian friend Gabriel,  a guy with a huge heart. At the next day we could talk openly about all kind of topic, including relationships, travelling passion, our studies, etc. Gabriel is the right person if you are doing couchsurfing for the first time as me. He made me passionate about the upcoming travel.

My love, I will take you for a morning walk…

…oh my God, this is a sin! Jamón, jamón

…and Valencian cakes.

Go on, baby. We didn’t came here to eat all the things. Seriously? 💔

Typical fruit of Valencian province- Chufa. The tubercles serve for making the fresh drink- Horchata de Chufa.

Yes!!! At least, I got an ice-cream 🙂

Shops in Valencia are superstylish!!

Let’s explore the historic centre of the city 👊

Chicas at bullring of Valencia 🐂

The most narrow facade of house in Europe.

Perdida at Cathedral of Valencia 😘

Posing at Miguelete Church.

And to the rooftop of this wonderful city 🔝


A comer! To try the taste of paella valenciana 🍲🇪🇸

The facade of National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts.

Interior of church of Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados.

Famous Plaza de la Virgen de Valencia with enchanting fountain.

At the exhibiton of Syrian war in old Universitat di Valencia.

Llotja de Seda (UNESCO). Llotja (valencian), lonja (spanish) is a Iberian term for a building that, during the Middle Ages, was used for commercial purpose.

1238. Christian reconquist of the city lead by the king James I of Aragón. Fifty thousand Moors were forced to leave.

Torres de Seranos is one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall, the Christian Wall (Muralla cristiana), of the city of Valencia.

Alboraya- the agricultural part on periphery of the city. Here is the place where chufa plant is cultivated.

And this is the end of one day in Valencia. Stay tuned for the another one. Instagram



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