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Two Millennials In Love With Adventures


Valencia Chufísima

Our Erasmus trio (me, Natalinka and Sisi) decided to push our Erasmus to the top time in our lives, so we started our trip in coastal city- Valencia. Let’s get started 🙂 The very important thing- We decided to spend all the time on Couchsurfing. It was my first time looking for a local who could host me for free, and showing me his [...]


Andalucía- Pueblos

1. Mijas Pueblo, Andalucía, Spain Mijas is a typical andalucian village full of white houses with the arabic aspect. Ascending its stairs and narrow streets rising up to the lookout of Mijas Pueblo, you can reach the view over one of the most beautiful places in Andalucía. The very purpose of our Life is happiness, which is sustained by [...]


El Choque Erasmus

Hola, cariños míos! This post is created during my first walk to Malagueta beach, maybe affected by deliciosa tortilla española in my stomach. Therefore, I want to apologize for my chaotic brainstorm in here. It’s just a reflexion of reality that I’m confronted with in here. It’s my 7th day here in Spain, in a country [...]


Budapest. Here we are! 🌇

Dear Mr/Mrs Reader, It’s my honour to warmly introduce you in #multiculti blog . So, yeah, sit comfortably in your rocking chair, pour up your ginger tea with the boiling water, and immerse into the reading of this story. It’s not going to be a bestseller, it’s just a brainstorm and emotion burst of two young guys who [...]