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Two Millennials In Love With Adventures


Erasmus Revoluciona!

Hello to my family, followers, and future Adrian! Today is 4th of June 2017, which means that I left my country exactly 4 months ago. And I must say that the last month was the most demanding of all, the most rewarding and the most unpredictable until now. I can’t describe it words but at least I will try to summarize the crucial [...]


Collect Moments Not Things

Hola mundo!🌐 Untraditionally, I begin this post with a horrible event that happened in Syria on 4th April. One could ask why I put so much attention on this issue. Until I have met my amazing Syrian friend that had to emigrate from his country because of the war, I’d had no idea what is happening at Middle East. But once you meet [...]


¿Qué tal? Estoy Bien :)

Aloha from Heaven! [EN] First of all, I need to mention that I was very undetermined about the suitable title for this post. At the very beginning of my Erasmus I was making summary of my time in Spain in period of one week. You can imagine the amount of memories which could be more representative for a title. Actually, I want to [...]


Sevilla, España

Hello! Ahoj! [EN] As the time flies in Spain, it’s already 3 weeks since I wrote the last post http://multiculti.cz/boqueron/. Honestly, the memory of my cellphone started to resign few days ago and that was the impulse for me to summarize my last weekend spent in capital of Andalucía. I decided putting pictures from Spain in my [...]