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October 2018
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Vivir para cumplir los sueños

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell


Buenos días a todos,

I’m writing this post from heaven. In real words. Actually I’m sitting in Boeing 737-800 up in the clouds over Hungary. February 5 is finally here and never be forgetten for me. It’s the day when I boarded the plane for the first time. It’s the day when I made a big step closer to my dream. I’m heading to Málaga, Spain.

Let me look back to the last semester at medical school. It was the remarkable period of my medical studies. The fifth year is not that piece of cake as everyone was telling. Everyone except medical students, of course. I set goals in advance because I was planning my erasmus since January 2016. All the administration takes time, even if you do it for the very first time. My decision was clear and definitive- Spain, Spain and Spain! It was my childhood dream and I was just waiting for the proper time. First of all, I signed the application, looked at the schedule for next year and I’ve chosen the subjects I’m going to study. Secondly, I had to work hard to make this decision real.

September, 2016. My semester started in the middle of September as usually and I was crazy about plastic surgery. I attended few operations which used the most modern methods of surgery in Brno, Czech Republic. This amazing experience motivated me strongly to start the semester properly. So, let’s jump into it! Neurology, Psychiatry and Dermatovenerology internships. And neurology exam in 5 weeks. Ok, I passed. First big step out of the way.


The autumn attacked my mood. Less sun, short and colder days. Brrrr. And I had just started. That was the reason why I had to change place for a while and find my balance. Me and my travel buddy Thanh made an unforgettable trip to Budapest. More internships and another exam. Forensic medicine which I was struggling with. I passed. With A. Another man down. And 3 weeks later Psychiatry exam. I passed and I had last day to buy Christmas gifts and go home. At the same time I had my erasmus administration almost done- flight tickets booked, learning agreement and letter of acceptance of University of Malaga signed, bank account established and my spanish course coming to end. These were markants of upcoming month- the last one in Brno. The last internship in hospital. The last exam in the uni. I started to countdown days until I leave the Central Europe.


January, 2017. It came Obstetrics and Gynaecology internship. Oh my God, YES. I asked myself if that crazy decision to study medicine made sense for thousand times. If I was the right person to become doctor. If I shouldn’t change my personality, my attitude to life and become someone else. End up with this challenge accepted game which was not even funny for the last years. If I shouldn’t calmdown and follow another dream. Now I’m sitting here, chilling after my lunch at 3pm and feeling something unknown. Living the moment. It’s been all worth to fight. And it’s always worth. More than before. Just for that feeling.

Last two weeks before leaving Brno were all about packing up my lovely room, selling the furniture and studying the gloomy and all-the-same skin diseases from that evil book. I was totally exhausted and everything was going slowly. But I didn’t want to give up until the moment of exam. And somehow it was over. Not according to my plan but who cares. There were very emotional moments of saying goodbye before my departure with my bests. I miss you all!!

I spent last days in Slovakia with my family preparing the baggage and other important things before Day D. I got very nervous and worried about journey, flight and leaving my homeland for a long time. But the time has flown and I took my 20kgs suitcase and got on the plane to my dreamland. All the anxious mood disappeared because I knew there is no step back. And this is what I really want.

I don’t know how Spain will change my life. I don’t have expectations (except the best ones, jajaja). Pues, it took me 22 years to get here and it is still just beginning of my travel itinerary and mi vida espaňola. Let’s see what it brings. Let’s enjoy this journey. If you are interested in my erasmus moments here in Spain, stay tuned! And don’t waste your time. Set goals. Work for them. Reach them. Enjoy them!

Hasta pronto, amigos!

medical student. travel addict. life admirer.

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