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October 2018
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Clinical Internship in Spain (ObsGyn)


How it all started…

Studying medicine at Spanish university made me feel thirsty to try the clinical internship abroad. As I was not allowed to apply for summer practice in public hospital, I decided to put all my effort into looking for a private hospital. I started to send emails to many hospitals around Spain- Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Tenerife, and of course, Málaga. Among the others, I would still prefer my beautiful Málaga because I feel this place to be my home. Unbelievably, one day I received a positive response from Quirón Salud Hospital in Málaga. The secretary was really friendly and willing to help me if I arrange all the administrative papers on my own- it hadn’t surprised me because I knew the administration of Erasmus+ needs the student ability to communicate with three important institutions- the Sending, the Receiving, and Centre of International Cooperation.

In June I received the confirmation letter that my application was successfuly accepted. I’ve got the chance to spend two months in the best private hospital in Andalucía (and 8th best in Spain)- QuirónSalud Hospital. I started my internship on 3rd of July at Urgencias of Obstetrics. It was a first week of my back-to-reality life after finishing Erasmus, and waking up at 7am so harmfull. Now it still hurts but I’m trying to be prepared to my comeback to the Czech Republic. Furthermore was a bit of mess because my tutor doctor was on holiday, and I had to improvise with the help of doctor’s crew. They were super-friendly, positive-minded with a big smile on their faces. I spent hours at the place which was supposed to become my future job- Obstetrics. But when I saw tenth child-delivery, wow-effect has simply disappeared. I had seen many of them- an ordinary birth without medication, epidural anaestesia labour, the Ceasarean section (which I was allowed to asist the doctor, and touch the newborn and contracting womb), the instrumental delivery. On Friday afternoon I was praying not to see more child-births at least for next two days.

God bless my tutor Dra. Marta García who I finally met on Monday morning. A charming lady with Spanish style introduced me to her colleagues and organized my next three weeks in gynaecology department. I was so excited of my personal schedule- I appreaciated that because I’m the person who loves to have things organized and under control. So, this is when I really started to rotate between Quirófano (Surgery), Consultas (Ambulance) and Asisted reproduction. And I loved it!


Surgery Part
I asisted some laparoscopic hysteroscopies and hysterectomies, basically for oncological reasons. I met there a friendly and communicative crew of doctors and nurses who tried to explain me everything I had any doubts about.

Ambulance Part
This is the most important part if you are a gynaecologist because you meet the patient who is coming with her trouble. The role of a doctor is to take a complete history, do a routine check up and recommend the next steps. Then the patient makes her decision according to the alternatives suggested by a specialist. I attended Consultas of Mammary gland pathology; Consultas of infectious diseases (Human Papilloma Virus); 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester check-ups.

Asisted Reproduction
This part was my favourite one and I felt excited when my tutor offered me to spend some days with her in ambulance. Asisted reproduction consists of 3 parts- ambulance, surgery and laboratory. Patients always come to ambulance first, and explain their problems. The specialist tries to find the ideal solution for infertile couple. The first meeting is the most demanding beacuse it includes the precise explanation of possibilies which best suits to the woman. Once it took more than 1hour and I had remembered the hours spent over books of embryology in 2nd year of medical school. The second part- surgery, serves for aspiring the ovocites from stimulated follicles. I could se two different women with different surgical approach, and stayed speechless. The last part- laboratory of asisted reproduction, the place where a new life is created. The biologist showed me her work with a grat pleasure and I really appreciated that. I could attend the fusion of two reproductive cells- the biggest one and the smallest cell of human body. At that special moment I felt like a host in a God’s head who decides which sperm is the right one. Which one is worth to get a chance to live. It made me speechless.

This is the first part of my clinical internship in Spain. To be continued (with Pediatry).

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