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Hey there and Welcome to our blog!
We are two millennials in love with adventures. We share a lot more things than just travelling. We see travel as a journey that enriches our lives and makes us better people – and we want to share that invaluable experience with you. So sit comfortably down and enjoy our thrilling stories.

Who are we?

Let me introduce Do Long Thanh. Full of ideas, ambitions and dreams that may seem he is a naive young millennial. One of the most responsible and empathic person I know, at the same time. He gained a lot of soft skills in ISC VUT as a volunteer for Erasmus incoming to Czech republic. Communicative, outgoing and friendly digital nomad who loves travelling . Dedicated to graphical design & IT as his main field of study. Admirer of minimalism. Passionate about gastronomy. Weight-training lover.

Adrian Košalko is originally from Slovakia. The great storyteller, through both words and pictures. He enjoys being the center of attention and he loves sharing pictures with the world through #instagram. His personality is quite unique. Somehow first impression could be he is cold, arrogant, selfish and egomaniacal. On the contrary, he is patient, careful, hardworking and kind. Great marks to become the best doctor.He has the passion for travelling and food the same as Thanh.

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Traveler addict /Food lover /Digital nomad /Student Brno / Czech republic