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October 2018
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El Choque Erasmus

'Cuando llueve en Málaga, se descansa.' Dr. Tomás Muňoz Luna


Hola, cariños míos!

This post is created during my first walk to Malagueta beach, maybe affected by deliciosa tortilla española in my stomach. Therefore, I want to apologize for my chaotic brainstorm in here. It’s just a reflexion of reality that I’m confronted with in here. It’s my 7th day here in Spain, in a country of my dreams, and it’s totally different from the dream. This is a LIVE show, this is la vida española.

We landed in Aeropuerto de Málaga or Aeropuerto Pablo Picasso on Sunday, 5th February. My whole body was shaking with the excitement that I survived the flight and I’m here in Málaga. The first breath of Andaluzian air was simply ecstatic. The mild Mediterranean climate in winter was a new experience and I’m still taking breaths gratefully. Seriously, I feel blessed to breathe it and I don’t exaggerate! After this resurrección de alma I had to get to my Airbnb flat where I was supposed to stay for 4 nights meanwhile looking for a flat where I’m going to live for next 5 months. And this was my priority no.1-  Buscar el alojamiento.

I arrived to my temporary flat 30 minutes later and I felt really impolite and stressed with my delay. A German friend of my friend Naty (who offered me to carry me to the city center, Gracias mil veces :*) assured me that it’s fine in Spain and I  get used to Spanish delays soon. Vale, if a German girl tells you this horrible thing, you almost change the worldwide principle- ‘Right now, it’s too little too late’ into ‘I am here on time, something is really wrong. Haha, yes, this is a phenomenon called puntualidad española. The thing is that my delay was really okay, and señora de la casa assured me that everything was really fine and gave me a warm welcome -Bienvenido a Málaga, chico!

After my arrival to Airbnb flat I could feel some rumble in my stomach. I decided to find some supermarket and buy something for dinner. Haha, how naive! I haven’t found any supermarket open in the center, neither supermarket like Billa at all. Just none. On Sunday almost everything is closed in Spain. En serio. Okay, I will manage next week! But I continued walking to the old city centre and I felt like a little boy who is doing his first steps. I stepped on a huge marmor square and I think I can hardly describe this feeling. The touch of a floor in Málaga was breathtaking. Oh My God feeling. A breeze from a Spanish people irritated my nares and it felt like I am on ecstasy. Dios Mío, Te Adoro España.

As Erasmus student, I applied for Buddy and somehow the University of Malaga assigned me two buddies. One of them responded me in December, so I was in contact with him and he helped me a lot to find an Airbnb flat for first days. His name is Tomás, he is a doctor and the best Buddy I could wished!!! For the first day we arranged the first inspection of a flat. We had a delay. We were late even for Spanish people. That feeling when you realize the person who may rent you the flat is more than 60yo German lady. The flat was nice, clean but very distant from center. Moreover shared with two seniors. Ehm, you are on Erasmus, Adrián. This flat was not for me at all.

To keep balance Tomás invited me for a typical Spanish breakfast, churros con chocolate. In our case, it was not a chocolate, it was café mitad. You may know, I am a big coffeelover and I’m used to drink espresso, lungo, capuccino or Vienna coffee. Here in Málaga nothing like that exists! Málaga is an exception and you order XY according to ratio Coffee-Milk, e.g. Café Mitad (50% coffee, 50% milk), Café Solo (100% coffee), Café Corto (25% coffee, 75% milk), Café Nube (10% coffee, 90% milk) etc. This is a mindf**k but at the same time I love the originality. I may write an article about Spanish coffee, once 🙂

Since Monday, 6th of February, me and Naty are not paella-española-típica virgins anymore. Blessed feeling. No more words. The same day we inspected another flat in the heart of city center- Plaza de la Merced. It looked very modern with an interesting interior design that touched my 7th sense for Design. The disadvantage of this flat was the problem with temperature inside. If the temperature rises on 40°C outside on summer, I would be boiled there, for sure. Not a good idea.

On Tuesday morning (I mean, Spanish morning that starts at 9-10am :D) I was dying of hunger. I headed directly to a big supermarket El Corte Inglés, which is something like Billa in Czechia/ Slovakia. The prices are higher a little, but as my homelady told me later El Corte Inglés is not very cheap in general. Yes, she was right. I found another shops later where the prices are very similar to Slovakia. What is different is the offer of meals (there is no cottage cheese in Spain, Díos mío!) but there is an amount of different things- hams (jamón serrano– I would kill for that taste), dozens of cheeses, mariscos (fish, oysters, prawns, octopus, etc.), vegetable, seeds, fruits, olive oils, pastry, etc. So, I bought two pieces of trout for my lunch. ‘Póngame medio kilo de trucha, por favor.’

Later that day I found an offer for accomodation so I arranged the inspection of the third flat. I started to be stressed because I was running out of time in my Airbnb flat. Especially these days it is very difficult to find a flat in Málaga, as many Erasmus students are coming to the city. I visited the flat but I could see only dormitory that is very similar to my-future-one. I liked it much because it was located in the centre of Málaga, 50 metres from the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, with a freezing climate inside. Besides it was very spacious and illuminated room. And the landlord is a typical Spanish macho with atypical Andalucian accent, so that I can understand him like every 5th word.

At the same night, there was la fiesta of medical students in Málaga, so to attend was a duty. At the same time, I decided for the last flat. El hombre was delighted for my decision and offered me his flat until my room will be empty. So, I moved to his flat which was just for me. Amazing!

On Wednesday, 8th of February, we had the first meeting for Erasmus students in Málaga. Waking up at 8am would be easier if I hadn’t come home at 3am. From that moment, I totally understand what resaca means, haha. And then the school duties began with all the glory. The people spoke to us gently in English and Spanish but reminded us we are not going to pass with English. This is another típico-y-tópico in Spain. En España se habla español (castellano, vasco, catalán, o andaluz :D)

On Thursday, 9th of February, the semester started. Arrival to Facultad de Medicina 1 hour earlier was a good idea. Me and Naty attended our first lectures and realized we are totally screwed with castellano and I started to feel uncomfortable with my Spanish knowledge. I registered 4 subjects in University of Málaga- Pediatry, Clinical Pharm, Pathology and my beloved ObsGyn. But I will speak about my school next week, maybe. The same day we went for shopping for the first time in Spain. After 4 hours hunting in Centro Comercial Larios we were totally exhausted but happy with our trophies 😀

Friday, 10th of February, was a catastrophe. I was smiling when my friend told me Spanish winter is really cold. I didn’t believe him until I had tried it on my own. What the hell! It’s so cold inside! In reality, it is warmer outside because these houses have no heating and I feel like a yetti. Furthermore, the morning shower with no warm water (the heating didn’t work that night) was another shock for me. When I finally came out to the streets of Málaga, it started raining. Oh My God! I pushed myself to step into the cold morning and I realised I’m not the only one sick of that weather. It’s really funny to see the faces of people when the weather changes- I could see the first similarity with them. This helped me to hide the storm in my soul. In school it was all about organizing my subjects, what best fits to my schedule. (I hate byrocracy!). After that I felt really bad- last weeks I didn’t have time for sports, and my eating habits were ruined. I decided to have lunch outside in the restaurant first, and go to the gym later. Unfortunately, when el camarero brought me the menu, I ordered the meal Lagrimitas de Pollo (Tears of Chicken) expecting sort of healthy Vietnamese food with chicken and rice (How I miss that!!). Unfortunately, the waitor brought me fried chicken with chips. I pushed myself not to cry and sacrified myself to google the menu list, next time. So, after Lagrimitas de Adrián I had to write some mails to edit my schedule, and finally got to gym! I will write another post dedicated to my #vidasana (#healthylifestyle).

Saturday, 11th of February, I finally moved to my flat (after 6days in Málaga). I was scared to see my room for the first time but I was really surprised. It’s really huge, with double bed with comfy matress (#sleepyboy), big wardrobes for my clothes, high windows and mesa de trabajo. Blessed.

Por fin, I was planning to summarize my first impression of Málaga in this post but I think it’s impossible. I tried to bring you, my readers, near to my Erasmus experience in Málaga, Spain in this way. For me, Málaga is like a mosaic of new things, I have never met before. New feelings- tastes, views, touches, smells, sounds. And temperament people. I am here to live this dream.

Cordialmente, Adrián!

medical student. travel addict. life admirer.

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