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October 2018
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Erasmus Revoluciona!


Hello to my family, followers, and future Adrian!

Today is 4th of June 2017, which means that I left my country exactly 4 months ago. And I must say that the last month was the most demanding of all, the most rewarding and the most unpredictable until now. I can’t describe it words but at least I will try to summarize the crucial moments of my first May in Spain.

  1. Feria Internacional de los Pueblos (Fuengirola)

First feria in our life! Me and Natalinka had came to Fuengirola with no expectation, and left with broken-heartsTo make it more authentic, turn on the music and imagine what thrilled us in Fuengirola. I have no words for that- just a feeling which will fade by time as many feelings I had during this amazing Erasmus. I can’t wait for the next one in my beloved city

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2. Top Trip of Erasmus- Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza

Saturday morning, 6 of May-  me, Natalinka and Sisi got on bus and started our 2 months planned Erasmus journey.  But for the very first time in my life I didn’t feel excited about the upcoming travel. I would love to stay in my beautiful Málaga for the eternity. ❤ Someone told that home is where the heart is. I think I found the place where I want to grow up, personally and profesionally in the next years.

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10hours in a bus that took us to Valencia were “very productive” and my exam notes stayed untouched. But it was exactly the crucial moment for a newborn Perdida en XY. And since then, always Perdida 💔

Travelling adventures, my first couchsurfing experience, galleries and more will be updated in special post dedicated to Valencia and Mallorca.

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3. Unexpected trip to Central Europe

For personal (and also university) purpose, I changed my plan and arrived to the Czech republic directly from Mallorca (instead of Ibiza) 🌴🇪🇸 . That week has gone absolutely fast and crazy. Hounding the deadline and deliver my application 2 hours before it, it’s so typical me! 🙈😂 But this year I couldn’t miss the amazing (medical) boat- party with my people in Brno, and I couldn’t wish the better time spent in the city, which is waiting for me in few months.

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4. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

I flew back to Spain with transfer in Eindhoven City in the Netherlands which turned to a big surprise for me. I’ve never visited this part of Europe before, and it made me thirsty to spend more time in the western and northern Europe. The first impression of that country made me feel like visiting the country of my origin- Slovakia, with its green parks full of trees, speechless nature in the centre of a big city. With (at least) one small bonus- developed country with the strong democratic system and open-minded people. Hope to be back soon! 😊🌷🌳

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4. Examperiod

Last 2 weeks in Málaga were all about the revision for my exams in University of Málaga. It was a pleasure to study subjects I’m considering to choose for my residency in the future. Although having this two huge exams in two days was not ideal, so  hope somehow I will pass on the first time. 💙💉

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5. Goodbye to Slovakian mafia

Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel whole world to find it, others find it in a person. Thanks to these people I found my new home.

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Natalinka, you made my Erasmus unforgettable, I enjoyed every single moment since we landed in Spain. You were the most important part of my happiest period in my life, and you know it! We meet again soon, but I wish you to live whole your life happily and fully like in here. Because once Erasmus, always Erasmus.

Tomás, you were the best buddy I could win in Málaga. Although we hadn’t spent so much time together because of the accident, I could rely on you each time I needed, and thank you to introduce me your beautiful hometown. I hope one day I will be malagueño because what Málaga joined, MIR won’t separate! At least, I want to be the best doctor of young Los Luna 👼. See you soon in Asturias!


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