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October 2018
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Collect Moments Not Things

You don't have soul. You are a soul. You have a body. Buddha


Hola mundo!🌐

Untraditionally, I begin this post with a horrible event that happened in Syria on 4th April. One could ask why I put so much attention on this issue. Until I have met my amazing Syrian friend that had to emigrate from his country because of the war, I’d had no idea what is happening at Middle East. But once you meet the real person- real human, and know his real story, you are involved and want to know more.
My “Why” is that man and the actual situation in the world we live in. Especially, our lovely European continent which is suffering by the hatred, radicalism and terrorism. The lack of information. The ignorance. The hypocrisy. This is the minimum what I can do at this moment. BE INFORMED and INFORM OTHERs! That’s my “Why”.

I haven’t prepared my skin for the Andalucian sun which is a bit stronger than the Slovak sun (in the summer, lol). So, on 1st April (!) I suffered heavy sunburnt and I was regenerating my skin for next 3 weeks 🙁

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When someone hear “Spain”, everyone can imagine the Spanish lifestyle, especially nightlife and a lot of fiestas. Yes, and it’s a bit true. If you are a night person (like me), Spain has it all! The streets on some days (especially Fridays and Saturdays) are full of people at night more than during the day. And you definitely fall in love with it!

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My first Semana Santa started in the middle of April, and whole Spain was celebrating, and coming for holiday to Málaga. For me, it was one of the most gorgeous tradition I have ever seen. But I will write another post in honour of SSanta2017 to bring it near to people out of Spain. I loved Semana Santa processions although it was not that funny when you live in the center of Málaga. More at Semana Santa in Spain post, I swear!

At the same time I was travelling around and exploring more of pictoresque Andalucian cities and pueblos. I spent a great time doing what I’m passionate about- Travelling & Spain. This advanture deserves its own post as well, so I am not going to put the gallery here, just a link to upcoming Exploring Andalucia post.

After 10 days off because of Semana Santa, the life got slowly back into the old tracks. Started studying for exams, doing practice and training in the gym. Once sitting at the cafetería, I was in a philosophical mood and wrote my first #RealTalk. You may read that in my social media, so you can skip that now, it may be boring and too long for a stranger. But it describes my thoughts and feelings until now.

“I love you, España 🇪🇸 I will always admire this country and people living here. Admire their generous behaviour, attitude to strangers and way of life. I love the way they love, smile, look at the people. I love their moral values. I know, this country has many problems nowadays but still remains untouchable in that typical Spanish lifestyle. Porque todo está bien y siempre tranquilo, tío I Will never be Spanish in my life because I was born Slovak. But never felt like Slovak. Slovak mentality is not my characteristic pattern (maybe that Slovak passion to expand to the world and look for better places for life? 😁). But this doesn’t mean I don’t like Slovakia. It’s a beautiful country with world heritage places, high mountains, nice traditions, famous sportmen and The Great President Andrej Kiska And generous people as well. I’m expat for almost 5 years now and still looking for my home. But as the proverb says: The home is where your heart is. Because at the end we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts, won’t we?

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If you ask how is going my “cultural marathon” I can proudly respond that April has been very rich in visiting museums here in Málaga. I want to write one extra post just for the Places to Visit in Málaga after visiting the most of them. For now, just a piece of Museo de Pablo Picasso and enchanting Colección del Museo Ruso.

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One of the million things that Erasmus enabled me, was doing pediatry internship in Torremolinos. And for me it’s just a dreamy dream in a dreamland. No doubts I had another philosophical mood after going home.

“Since my arrival to Spain I got a precious gift that I appreciate the most in my entire life- time to find myself, think about my future and what I really want to reach as a doctor 💊 This time is very valuable even because I’m getting older and the end of medical school is getting closer every day. I take this fact as inevitable period of adulthood and I gave myself more time to decide mindfully. Each day of my Erasmus life I feel so much gratefulness to get this opportunity- being in a country I was dreaming to live in since my childhood. I used to ask myself if I was really the right person to treat other people because I had many other passions except medicine. While living in Czech Republic I felt that I should leave whole my life in the name of Medicine 🎓 But more I pushed myself in something I was not sure about, more depressed I used to feel. Thanks to being in Spain I consider myself diferently. I don’t feel guilty of having other dreams out of medicine anymore. I realized that there is nothing wrong about having personal life which has the same importance as profesional life, for me. I don’t want to spend my lifetime doing things that doesn’t enrich me as a human. That’s the reason I won’t let my school/work destroy my relationships and my hobbies. And viceversa. I love putting on my whitecoat 👕 the same as I love my life out of hospital. Not more nor less. ♻  And yes, my 💔 is divided between Pediatry and Gynaecology, actually ❤”


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And last but not the least thing that I focused on was my body transformation. Following the training plan 4-times/week was demanding sometimes but now I feel more active and energetic. Moreover, in combination with my IIFYM diet the result starts to show off  in my body analysis. In period of 4 weeks I gained 0,5kg of muscles and reduced my bodyfat to 8,7%. Moreover, I had tried first BodyPump workout in my life and have just started thinking about more dynamic training than bodybuilding in the gym. Let’s see what brings another month!

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Ciao, amici!

medical student. travel addict. life admirer.

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