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October 2018
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Throwback to 2016

The mind is everything. What you think you become. -Buddha


Dear Mr./Mrs. Reader,

this is the last throwback of my 2016 through pictures I made. In one word, EXHAZING2016.  Just an exhausting and amazing  journey full of curves and surprises, falls and rises, changes and complications, decisions and new people, travels and exams, exams and travels. Let me summarize the important moments of the year. Have fun with me!

01/2016  Pharmacology madness.

02/2016 After 4 years visiting my best friend in royal town of Czech Republic- Hradec Králové.

02/2016 Moving to a new flat in Brno, Czech Republic.

03/2016 Making a trip to czech mountains, Beskydy, with my czechoslovak friends.

03/2016 Attending the pediatric neurology conference in Bratislava, Slovakia.

03/2016 Delicious thai dinner in Urban House in Bratislava with this smart guy.

04/2016 Preparing food for 50 hungry people was a unique experience. Never again, guys 😀

05/2016 Majáles in Brno with these early doctors. And great concert of Majk Spirit #Y

06/2016 Pre-exam peacefulness. Enjoying warmth and summer in the air.

06/2016 Unbelievably passed pharmacology exam after whole semester studying.

07/2016 Physically and psychically destroyed. Never giving up.

07/2016 Yes, we are summer boys. Enjoying the summervibes at Zlaté Piesky with my good friend.

08/2016 Morning view at Charles Bridge from Střelecký Ostrov, Prague. I love you, PRAGUE.

09/2016 Welcoming the 5th year of medschool with the best party mate.

10/2016 Rush of the semester. Sleep-school-library-exam. And Again.

11/2016 Trip to Budapest with my travel buddy Thanh. And our new travelling blog.

12/2016 Traditional meeting with my mates from high school. This year for the 5th time.



And this is just a piece of last year. New year is coming in few hours and I wish you power and courage to live your life fully and independently. I wish this world more humanity, liberalism and peace.

What 2017 brings to my life? Stay tuned!

medical student. travel addict. life admirer.

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