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Two Millennials In Love With Adventures

February, 2017 3

Bienvenido, Boquerón!

Hola, mundo! The second week in Málaga is despacito coming to end and I’m trying to organize my thoughts on Sunday, as usually. This post won’t be structured as the previous one where I described every single day spent. The reason is that everything is starting to be more complex than separate days. I would say Spain started [...]


El Choque Erasmus

Hola, cariños míos! This post is created during my first walk to Malagueta beach, maybe affected by deliciosa tortilla española in my stomach. Therefore, I want to apologize for my chaotic brainstorm in here. It’s just a reflexion of reality that I’m confronted with in here. It’s my 7th day here in Spain, in a country [...]


Vivir para cumplir los sueños

Buenos días a todos, I’m writing this post from heaven. In real words. Actually I’m sitting in Boeing 737-800 up in the clouds over Hungary. February 5 is finally here and never be forgetten for me. It’s the day when I boarded the plane for the first time. It’s the day when I made a big step closer to my dream. [...]